Remote repair for your Home, Office or Business. We also provide support for hosting, SSL and web pages.

With our repair service or remote support, we can start repairing or configuring your PC, tablet or mobile device in minutes. We also provide support for SSL hosting and web pages. The process is carried out clearly, safely and with the utmost confidentiality.

When executing the program, the information is codified and encrypted up to our facilities, in such a way that it is impossible for anyone to intercept the information or data.

The advantages of this service are many, but we highlight:

  • Speed. Within minutes of discovering a problem, we can start repairing or setting up your PC, tablet or mobile device.
  • Economy. By not having to move a technician to the place where the PC is, the service is cheaper.
  • Ease. With a few simple clicks, we will already be repairing or configuring PC, tablet or mobile device
  • Security. You see at all times what we are doing on your PC, tablet or mobile device. The remote connection is made using highly secure protocols such as RSA data encryption and 256-bit public and private key exchange, that is, security similar to that used for transactions with banks over the Internet. When the problem has been resolved, both the operator and the client will be able to disconnect, without being able to enter their PC, tablet or mobile device a second time, unless they request it again.
  • Warranty. You have our 3-month repair guarantee.
  • There is no geographical limitation. Remote connections, when made through the Internet, can be made anywhere in the world. This allows the technician to expand their offer, and the customer to be able to choose between the different remote repair offers.

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